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For Asa Dental, 2023 is a new beginning with some great news!

“…2022 was an intense and harsh year, but also a year full of successful performances and growth. For this reason, Asa Dental has decided to set new and more ambitious goals”.

Asa Dental CEO Alessandro Malfatti’s speech was based on that premise while illustrating to his team a strategic roadmap for a successful 2023 and announcing the changes he has decided to make within the Asa Dental organization: "…There are many important opportunities that the new year will present us, and we got to be ready to seize and make the most of them, in this optic, the company has decided to appoint Dr. Diana Ciapponi as Global Sales and Marketing Director. Already in Asa Dental since 2010, Diana has demonstrated determination, professionalism, and passion in achieving and exceeding results, conquering and deserving the necessary trust to cover this new role….”.
Alessandro Malfatti also assigned Dr. Ali Alawneh a broader area, considering his top sales performances. He has been in charge of the Middle East for five years, and now he will also be responsible for Turkey, Africa & South Asia.

At last, after a career in the company, covering the roles of marketing executive and quality and regulatory affairs manager, Dr. Andrea Ricci was promoted to Area Manager of Latin America.

We at Asa Dental are very proud of our new team organization and are determined to prove ourselves equal to the challenges: Together, we will achieve great things.

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