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Phthalate-free saliva ejectors

ASA DENTAL eliminates phtalates from the PVC in its saliva ejectors.

Asa Dental's "no" to the use of phtalates was decided before the law that today bans their use in the production of toys but not yet in medical devices came into effect. A choice in step with the times, to safeguard patients' health.
For your health, your patients' health and the health of our planet.

Because health has no age limits


All Asa Dental's saliva ejectors are manufactured without using phtalates. A major step forward focusing on the health of patients, who will be able to count on a safe product at no added cost and without compromising on Asa Dental's quality because the flexibility features of its saliva ejectors remain unaltered.


The use of phtalates has been banned in the European Union and in the State of Califonia (USA), but this ban concerns only the manufacture of toys and childcare items. Extending this restriction to other fields is currently being discussed, but its harmfulness remains undeniable. One step ahead of the times, Asa Dental has started manufacturing its saliva ejectors without phthalates, thus proposing products that meet safety criteria not yet imposed by law.


Asa Dental's phthalates-free saliva ejectors stem from the close collaboration with the Chemistry Department of the University of Pisa (Italy). A three-year research program allowed eliminating phthalates in the formulation of the polymer, without affecting the quality of the device or costs.The extremely high quality of the material used prevents the formation of bottlenecks, guaranteeing maximum flow and making the dentist's job much easier.


Phthalates are chemical compounds used to make plastic more malleable. Their use is internationally banned in the manufacture of toys, and for years they have been increasingly monitored and analyzed due to their potential health risks in certain conditions of use: upon contact with the mouth, they can release harmful substances that European law considers toxic. Their use is allowed only in concentrations of less than 0.1% in toys and in childcare items due to the hazards that can derive from chewing or sucking on phthalate-containing items for an extended amount of time.

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