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2022 Training program

Dr. Claudio Farnararo
A Modern and Minimally invasive approach in Endodontic Surgery
12 May 2022

To learn a predictable method of treatment of anterior dental elements with correct working times at the chair.


Endodontic treatment plan: orthograde retreatment or surgical endodontics?

Traditional surgical treatment and microscopy treatment: Which approach?

Indications and contraindication to surgical treatment.

The operating microscope, clinical applications and working positions.

The role of assistants.

The preparation of the operating table: the microstrumentary.

Preparing the patient: Anesthesia.

Paramarginal e intrasulcular flap: different clinical indication and techniques of execution.

Soft tissue management and the preparation of the bone crypt.

Hemostasis and intraoperative control.

Resection of the apex and canal preparation with  ultrasound tips.

Filling materials and instruments for their application.

Sutures and sutures removal techniques.

Post-operative drug therapy.

Post surgery recommendation.

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