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Producers, leaders and trusted partners of experts in the dental field

Mission & Vision

Our vision is to contribute to the wellness of every dental patient in the world with products that meet the needs of the most demanding professionals, helping them give free rein to their potentials.

Our mission is to dedicate our human and technological resources to the design and production of dental and single-use instruments par excellence, placing the needs of the professional at the center.

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Asa Dental’s governance philosophy is based mainly on centralizing production in Italy, which allows maintaining a strict control over the production chain and the quality of our products. Our approach entails anticipating market needs and providing prompt answers through innovation and efficiency. We bring together Italian excellence to guarantee top quality of our products and create a sustainable competitive advantage.


Asa Dental is strongly dedicated to environmental and social sustainability. Our choice to concentrate production in Italy allows reducing supply chain times and minimizing environmental impact. We use leading-edge technologies to reduce waste and optimize resources. Additionally, we contribute to the development of the local communities we work in. Sustainability is a foundational element of our corporate culture and a consistent commitment in pursuing a more sustainable future for everyone.

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Our locations

Discover our global network of offices and warehouses worldwide. We supply high quality dental instruments and offer total support to our valuable partners.

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