History of the company:

60 years on innovation

1961 Foundation

Aldo Puccetti founds Asa Dental.

1965 Maniago

Opening of the Maniago plant to integrate the production of dental instruments.

1975 Marlia

Opening of the Marlia plant to increment the production of single-use products and impression trays.

2001 Derby Dental

Asa Dental acquires the Derby Dental brand, expanding production and its customer portfolio.

2004 Kaltoplast

With the acquisition of the Kaltoplast brand, Asa Dental is established as undisputed world leader in the production of saliva ejectors.

2009 Second generation

Alessandro Malfatti takes on the role of General Manager.

2010 Asa Dental USA

Opening of the US branch in Long Island, New York, the first step in an unstoppable international expansion plan.

2012 AsaOne

Optimization of the production processes of single-use products through a balance between the attentive research for highly innovative products and production capacity.

2013 Asa Dental China

Opening of the China branch in Tianjin, a strategic location to consolidate the presence of Asa Dental in the market with the highest development rate.

2014 Maniago

The Maniago plant enhances productivity and quality in the production of steel instruments with cutting-edge machinery.

2015 Logistics Center

A veritable smart warehouse is born in Bozzano: a completely automated vertical warehouse to best manage stock and order fulfillment.

2016 Asa Dental Academy

A training room to create a meeting point between opinion leaders, universities, professionals in the field and the production world of Asa Dental.

2018 Asa Dental Dubai

Opening of the Dubai branch to consolidate and expand Asa Dental’s presence in the Middle East and North Africa.

2019 Digital Integration

Digital integration of our products through a mobile app to digitally connect the world of Asa Dental to professionals in the dental field.

2023 Sustainability

New photovoltaic plant at the Logistics Center in Bozzano.

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