Shaping our future

Mission and Vision


Asa Dental’s mission is to be leader in the field of dentistry by offering innovative, high-quality products, designed and manufactured in Italy. We are committed to meeting the needs of the market by anticipating them thanks to attentively conceived products, created with master craftsmanship and distributed globally. Our mission consists in ensuring an unparalleled quality-price ratio and contributing to the growth of dentistry as a profession thanks to our commitment to excellence.


Asa Dental’s vision is to create a future where dentistry embraces Italian technology and craftsmanship to offer high-quality dental solutions. We are committed to becoming a global company, with a presence in strategic markets throughout the world. We aspire to be acknowledged as the trusted brand for dental professionals, offering high-quality products that can improve patients’ dental health and wellness.

Global presence

In an increasingly globalized market, in addition to having a sales coverage in 180 countries, Asa Dental has understood the importance of establishing a geographical presence in certain key markets. For this reason, in 2010 we inaugurated our US branch in New York, in 2013 our branch in Tianjin, China, and in 2018 our branch in the UAE, in Dubai.


Asa Dental’s production embodies innovation at the service of precision and quality. We work in three state-of-the-art facilities where we manufacture a wide range of dental instruments. The Maniago plant is specialized in the production of dental and laboratory instruments through advanced technologies and top-rate craftsmanship. Marlia is focused on the production of trays, impression trays, and single-use instruments. Bozzano is dedicated to the production of napkins and surgical masks, and to the performance of rigorous quality tests and finishing processes. Our production process epitomizes the principles of innovation, efficiency, and the continuous quest for excellence.

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