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With a long-standing tradition in converting top quality stainless steel into dental instruments par excellence, Maniago is the center of dental production in Italy, characterized by expertise that has been passed down through centuries. The concept of MADE IN ITALY based on tradition.



Production of single-use instruments, saliva ejectors and dappen dishes above all, but also impression trays and disposable trays. Products for which the company is recognized as leader worldwide.



The facility in Bozzano has a surface area of 20,000 sq.m and is equipped with a latest-generation vertical warehouse. This is where product quality tests and check-ups are performed, as well as finishing processes. Thanks to state-of-the-art WMS software, we can handle 10 orders simultaneously, thus ensuring efficiency and timeliness in the services offered.

State-of-the-art WMS software
10 orders handled simultaneously
20,000 sq.m of surface area
Latest-generation vertical warehouse



A leadership position as producer in the dental field must take into account the trends and the new needs of dentists. That is why Asa Dental has created Asa Dental Academy, a physical space where universities, opinion leaders and dentists have the opportunity to connect.


We are firmly committed to creating an ecological and sustainable work environment that reflects our pledge to environmental protection. Through efficient energy practices, waste reduction and responsible supply initiatives, we aim to minimize our ecological impact.

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