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Dentistry 4.0: Innovative Applications for DEntal AutoMAted practices - 2023
Aug. 22, 2023

Project funded under the framework of the program POR FESR (European Regional Development Fund)Toscana 2014-2020, Action 1.1.5 Sub. A1 Tender Notice No. 2 – Research and development projects of the MPMI (micro, small and medium-sized enterprises)


The idea underlying the DIADEMA (Dentistry 4.0: Innovative Applications for DEntal autoMAted practices) project is to create innovative automated systems based on the enabling technologies of Industry 4.0, capable of taking active measures to improve safety and efficiency throughout the chain.


The innovative elements of the DIADEMA project are the following:

  • Develop an innovative automated tracking system of reusable dental hand instruments based on the most modern RFID technologies and on innovative technological solutions, in order to significantly reduce clinical risk for patients and operators, optimizing resource management at the same time.
  • Develop an innovative automatic system for the diagnosis of gnathological disorders capable of making the diagnostic and therapeutic process more efficient, effective and accessible, and of optimizing the entire chain involved in the dental procedure.
  • Develop an ad hoc digital platform to manage the new devices that will connect manufacturers, dental labs, dentists and patients.

Budget partner ASA DENTAL SPA €350,000.00

Co-financing received by partner ASA DENTAL SPA by the Regione Toscana (Region of Tuscany Dept.) €140,000.00


ASA DENTAL SpA (lead partner)
Leader in the field of supplies for the dental field CAEN RFID SRL, leader in the field of RFID systems for automatic identification

Leader in the design and production of electronic equipment for the B2B market

Leader in the design and development of software for device-embedded, App, and cloud-based applications

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