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Focus on AsaOne saliva ejectors
Aug. 1, 2023

Asa Dental’s saliva ejectors are famous throughout the world for their quality and safety. All saliva ejectors are manufactured using phthalate-free PVC, an innovation that focuses on patients’ health without compromising the modular nature of the device. They come in many colors, two different lengths and two configurations: with welded or removable tip. The latter configuration, designed to treat patients with inflamed mucous membranes, requires more diligence and care during use. This is why in this brief paper, Asa Dental suggests some recommendations on the use of saliva ejectors with removable tips, to eliminate the risk of any problems during use.

Asa Dental recommends making sure that the tip of the above-mentioned medical devices does not accidentally become detached during use, when applied in the patient’s mouth. This event could take place in different routine situations, such as a patient biting on it, a strong pressure exerted by the end user on the tooth, and/or an excessive flattening of the tube before the dental professional inserts it in the patient’s oral cavity.\n

Through these small but very important precautions and verifications to be carried out before and during use, a top quality performance can be achieved on all fronts. Leaving no room for risks!\n

Reliability, quality, performance, safety and innovation. 5 elements that for 60 years have been summarized in our – your – claim: Asa Dental - Make People Smile!

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