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Asa Dental is here! IDEM Singapore 2024

We are pleased to announce Asa Dental's participation as a visitor at the prestigious IDEM Singapore 2024 exhibition, scheduled from April 19th to 21st. IDEM Singapore stands as one of the foremost events in the Asian dental sector, boasting over 500 exhibiting brands from more than 37 countries. This annual event draws over 6,500 visitors from 67 nations, offering an unmissable opportunity for Asa Dental to explore the latest innovations and establish global connections within the dental industry.

Unique Experience at IDEM Singapore 2024!

IDEM Singapore offers a unique learning and knowledge-sharing experience, with the participation of 36 speakers and the presence of 9 national pavilions. This exhibition provides an extraordinary opportunity to delve into the latest research and practices in the dental field, ensuring Asa Dental remains at the forefront of the industry.

For further information about the exhibition and its events, visit the IDEM Singapore website.

We look forward to sharing our experiences and discoveries from IDEM Singapore 2024. Stay tuned for updates during the event!

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